Website Design Process

BUSINESS PROVIDERS offers affordable web design solutions for startups, as well as small businesses

In this forever changing internet marketplace, we strive to stay on the cutting edge, embracing all new functionalities and current stylistic trends.  Vab Media Digital Agency’s developers specialize in creating unique, interactive experiences for customers through a variety of integrated services. We keep your visitors engaged and entertained with cutting-edge production balanced with classic style


Define the goals & vision

Right at the beginning we will help you establish a vision – what’s the purpose of the website / who’s our ideal customer / what are the measured key performance indicators so that we can track our results later on.

Develop branding & content

Once we have the right goals and vision, we can help you create the right branding imagery and content. Our team can provide artistic direction for our graph designers, photographers and strategy for our content copywriters. We’ll then conduct competitor and keyword research to optimize pages as well as provide ideas for content that would help address currents trends in your market as well as information that would address questions your clients have and other guides

Craft the code

Design comes to life with beautifully crafted code which is why our team is strict to following the latest trends in UI and UX, making your website stand out in the sea of dull websites in your market. Our writers and designers collaborate at every stage of creative projects to ensure every piece is purpose built to serve client goals. As we are building the design of it, we also will develop and optimize each page as a landing page that would be able to capture some sort of information, such as a request for more information or a white paper, or even to visit more pages on the website.

Test everything and launch

The final phase is to ensure everything is working as envisioned in our first steps. We test our websites on different browsers, screen sizes and internet speeds to ensure we have a winning product. After launch, we track progress and continue improving your content, search engine visibility, and conversions. We use Google Analytics to track submissions and funnels on the website. We look for more optimization opportunities based on the data acquired from Google Analytics in our Analysis and Reporting phase.

From small startups to large enterprise brands WordPress powers them all

WordPress Statistics 2022

WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system powering 34% of all websites on the internet. Select the technologies that actually solve your customer experience needs. And discover how quickly you see ROI with the agile CMS that powers the web. On top of that:

Creative Services

Some of our creative solutions include:

Creative Strategy

  • Responsive website design and development
  • Email template design and development
  • Landing page design and optimization
  • Identity and logo
  • Brand Development
  • Collateral Design
  • Infograpichs
  • Video
You want stunning creative that doesn’t just reflect your brand but amplifies it across all digital marketing channels. We want to see your business thrive and look fantastic doing it. This is a marriage made in heaven: Vab Media Digital Agency and your business challenging each other to reach new heights of imagination, problem-solving, and collaboration.

Our web design quotes include graphics, layout, and conversion optimization elements to help you best convert leads.

Website Development


Digital Assets

We design and transform user experiences for brands

Social change and soaring technology are transforming the world around us, putting incredible pressure on businesses to continually change and adapt.

In this world, brand has never been more important. A strong brand has purpose. It informs decisions, drives differentiation and propels positive cultural change. And when brand is brought to life with world-class design, it creates more than growth on the balance sheet – it builds a sustainable future.

Our Web Design Services

We design and build complex, data driven websites, landing pages, and other digital services
that drive better and more consistent customer experiences.

Launch a New Website

Bring Your New Business Venture To Life.

Redesign a Website

Re think How Your Brand is Portrayed.

Build A Landing Page

Works Well With Paid Advertising

Is it time for a digital makeover?

When your online presence is your only presence,
failing to stand out could destroy your business. 

Work with us to grow your business. We work with your budget to develop the best digital marketing plan for your company.

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