Social Media Marketing for Nonprofits and Mission-oriented Organizations

At VAB Media, we feel that our time on is more rewarding when we handle social media marketing channels for non-profits and mission-oriented organizations. Our dedication to these causes will allow us to build their following, communicate with followers, and tell stories that resonate with their supporters.

Our Approach

Our social media team is one of operational agility and unparalleled tech expertise. We understand social media, how it relates to your supporters’ lives and how you can best utilize social media channels effectively to gain more support for your organization.

Social Networking

Are you connected to the right people on linkedin? What about Instagram? How can you leverage new social networks to reach the right audiences? We’re masters at finding the right connections and developing strategies that will enhance your marketing strategy.


Reach via Influencer, Sponsored blog posts or videos, Social amplification, Promotions, Event attendance


Business Provider's social media team can help you drive traffic, increase sales, build a strong brand identity and a community for your cause. Our solution includes an optimized blog, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook design, and content population from world-class writers who provide virally enabled content.

Are you making your presence known?



What is being said about you?  If you’re an organization, use social media to:

Our Social Media Strategist Services include:

  •   Provide day-to-day supervision of client campaigns including (and not limited to) social media channel and community management, content creation, digital public relations, promotions, partnerships and influencer outreach initiatives, online events, etc.
  •  Work closely with our people and the rest of our client’s social media team to ensure campaigns are on strategy, on time and on target.
  •  Choose daily content and engagement for organizations on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
  •  Ensure consistency of messages across multiple networks.
  •  We create viral image and video-based messaging
  •  Create weekly social media program status reports detailing key insights, popular content topics, community quotes (verbatims) and monitoring results; work with analytics team and oversee the preparation of metrics, tracking and activity reports as based on client reporting needs.
  •  We offer key insights for improving programs to enhance results.
  •  Conduct and manage ongoing blogger outreach/key influencer programs on behalf of clients.
  •  Brainstorm/ideate around program executions/campaigns.

We worked with the brand Pro-Tech 8 Gloves to increase engagement and brand awareness on the social media platform Instagram along with improving other social media performance metrics likes, shares, mentions, reach, increased followers etc.  Their average reach per post has increased to 5.5K which is an 57.49% increase compared to previous period.  We implemented a sophisticated #hashtag and repost shout strategies to accomplish brand recall improvements from their targeted audience of the fire fighter community. Want to increase the engagement rates of your brand’s post? Check out our latest case study.


Work with us to grow your business. We work with your budget to develop the best digital marketing plan for your company.

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